Chicagoland Dirty Delta's

Welcome to the Delt’s facebook group page. This all started out as a group of JK owners who met at a monthly Suds-N-Grub that was planned in the Great Lakes staging area of JK-Forum. A few years ago, at a June Suds-N-Grub 9 of us talked Jeeps, drank a few beers, enjoyed some good food, and crazy high waitress. Before we knew it we had our own unique high five and the Dirty Delts were born.
We don’t think of ourselves as a club. There are no dues, there’s no executive council, no minutes from meetings. We’re an all-breeds Jeep group that shares a common interest in modifying our rigs, wheeling, wrenching, camping and all of the things that come with owning a Jeep.
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