Childrens' (only) Ridden Horses & Ponies for Sale Australia

This group is strictly for the advertising of Riding Horses or P...onies SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN 14yo and under ~ beginner to intermediate riders and currently being ridden by children of that description. All vices must be listed honestly.

*Out of work ponies/horses can be listed but again, MUST be listed honestly including current vices.

Do you have a Childs' Riding Horse or Pony for Sale? Please feel free to post your advertisement here but be honest and please include the following in all advertisements:

Horses' experience:
Rider suitability:

Just use common sense when listing on here.. If it suits a child - you know it.. we're basically talking about 3 types of "CHILD" riders and mounts to suit here:

ALL ADVERTISEMENTS MUST RELATE TO CHILDRENS' PONIES OR CHILDRENS' TACK (childrens' saddles, childrens' safety gear, childrens' riding gear) - NO GENERAL HORSE GEAR PLEASE, i.e Rugs, brushes, halters, bridles etc...