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Best Way To Contact Your Restaurant Manager, Nick Lynem
Non private Issues:
Private Issues: Phone call or text: 0421221609

Store contact: 54665533

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Page Rules:

1: No swearing
2: No spamming or 3rd party links
3: No bullying/harassment of any form
4: Work related communication only
5: You cannot simply write on here if you are not coming in for a shift for whatever reason, you MUST call the store and speak with the shift manager, no excuses accepted!

This page can be used to swap shifts with someone your our age or younger, however you must call the store first and follow correct procedure in shift filling (calling the store and obtaining a list of names of people that are qualified to work in that area and meet the criteria of age and skill level) and then double check with a manager once finding a suitable person to fill the said shift.

If you have been rostered against your availability or n/a days you need to speak with either the restaurant manager or rostering manager for a solution.

If you break any of the above rules you will get a warning slip.

Nick, Aaron, Aiden, Sarah, Ashleigh, Dean, Tanya & Jess.

All managers reserve the right to ban or remove any crew member from this page.