Commercial Property Conversion

Commercial Property Conversion online property community for Tak...e AIM Mastermind members and others interested in converting commercial property to residential use. We encourage discussion, help and interaction between active investors and developers.

Please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Please contribute, share, add value and answer questions.

2. Only regular contributors can promote business, leads, request for funds or joint venure partners, properties etc.

3. Any promotion must be commercial property conversion related.

4. No multiple copy paste posts across Facebook groups.

5. All discussions must stay within the group to be shared on thread not linked away to. ‘PM me for details’ is not allowed as the group can’t get benefit.

6. No adding/scraping to other groups/lists or links/like pages, blogs and FB pages that require likes away from the group.

8. Spam, inappropriate material, trolling, bullying, libel, and any off topic posts, will be deleted; repeat offenders will be banned.

9. This community encourages teamwork and partnerships. Joint ventures, loans and partnerships happen. We are not responsible, do not endorse, make warranty nor are liable for joint ventures, loans or partnerships formed. Please undertake your own research and diligence.

These guidelines are here to help us all enjoy the group, and remember we are all here to help!