Concerned Citizens of Navarre

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This is a public forum for the citizens of the Navarre & Holley area to learn more about this area, ask questions, and get involved in the hopes that people will get involved to make improvements in the community.

Rules for the CCON Page:
1. This site is for NAVARRE area (P'cola - Destin) events, issues and news. This is NOT your personal page. Leave the funny pictures, your arguments with others, and profanity on your own page as it will be deleted here. If you are coming here to just complain about a private citizen, take it to your own page.
2. NO DIRECT SOLICITING. Owner(s)/employees of the business cannot post their ads, sales, etc on this page, to include direct sales (Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, babysitting, odd-jobs, etc.) Please go to the Navarre Work FB Page. If you or a fellow citizen has fallen on hard times, please go to the "Giving Back with Open Arms" page for assistance. Yard type posts, ISO for yard sale items are not allowed. Non-Profit 501(c)3 type organizations are the only exception. Gofundme type posts are not allowed.
3. RESPECT each other and agree to disagree. Act like adults and if you can't add anything constructive to the post, move past it. Discussing ideas and trying to understand each other's opinions and thoughts is fine. If you can't say something constructive in the conversation and just want to be rude, your comments will be removed. No name calling, insulting, mocking people (to include admins), slander, public shaming, hate speech or threats. Those type of comments will be removed without notice and members that continually post those comments will be removed from the group. No personal information on the page (phone #s, license plate #, addresses, etc.). Limit use of sarcasm. People that have to be reminded multiple times about this will be removed from the group.
4. Business/Restaurant reviews are not allowed on this site. You can post such reviews on the "Navarre Restaurant Reviews" and/or "Navarre, FL Businesses - Keep It Local" FB pages.
5. Politics. Keep it to factual information and to local politics.
6. If you believe that a post goes against the guidelines, report the post to have admin review it, in case they didn't see the post right away. To report the post, click on the down arrow next to the post and a drop down box will appear where you can report the post. If you have any questions, contact the admins via PM. If you block the admins, you will be removed immediately.