Concerned Rio Verde Neighbors

This group is primarily for Rio Verde Foothills property owners.... We seek to shape the future of the Rio Verde Foothills/Rio Verde Valley by providing a forum to voice concerns, to connect and learn how to work together for constructive, innovative change while preserving the unique nature of the Foothills. We seek intelligent, sustained dialogue on neighborhood, county, state and occasionally federal matters of shared interest. You are invited to lead on an issue that is important to you. Be advised: We can be a tough crowd. Learning to lead on an issue on Social Media can be challenging. It can also be pretty great, especially when the community joins in, and we successfully influence outcomes. PET RESCUES, SALES POSTS, & ADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE DELETED.
Interested? Be a community watchdog to share what is happening locally in Maricopa County, the Arizona State legislature, and nationally that impacts the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills. We will not agree on every issue and that's okay. Because we are not a municipality, our first layer of government is Maricopa County. The Foothills are 20 square miles in size. This is one place to connect. Your participation is welcome. Tell your neighbors and invite them here.
Annie Hodgkins, administrator