FCES 16' - Cost Acc (1st term ) and Tax Acc (2nd term)

Students' Council Structure:
President: Hisham Abouelmagd
Vice President : Hesham Saber
Vice President : Saleh Hosny
Third Year Representative for Cairo & Zayed : Mustafa Yassien
-1st Term : Cost Accounting
this subject describe The Nature, Concepts and Classifications of Cost Accounting
Production Cost accumulation
Costing and Control of Material and Labor
Costing and Control of Factory Overhead
-2nd Term :Tax Accounting
this Subject include a full description of Egyptian Tax System and Unified Tax on Mobile Capital Revenue and all kind of taxes
About the system of this Group : -
The materials will be uploaded on this group by ( 3rd Year Group Representatives ) .
- Any Questions about Cost Acc (1st term ) and Tax Acc (2nd term) you can ask here in this group.
-This group will contain all the (PDF files, slides, quizzes and any information about our subject, and it's managed by FCES Students' Council.
-please don't post anything unrelated to the college and won't help your colleagues.
Code of ethics:
Posting and/or commenting about these topics “Religion, Politics or Sex". Or even fighting with each others, will put you in a real fix.
Accordingly, you will be:
1) Warned
2) Get removed from the group
And, a higher authority will be notified about what happened. And, this may lead to the dismissal from the faculty.
Third Year Reps.
FCES Students’ Council