Couponing At Kroger & Affiliates

DO LOVE Kroger? Kroger DEALS! Hauls! Match ups and MORE! Join our group for KROGER Savings and KROGER FUN! We are all here to help one another save at Kroger stores. Let's make this the most informational, fulfilling coupon group on FB! Drama free.100%.. Members can be deleted at Administration discretion for causing problems. Let's just work as a team and save each other money!


1. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: ANYTHING NEGATIVE about a store, a manager, a coupon, a post, a haul, a person or the way they used a coupon, YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE from ALL our groups. PERIOD.

2. If you are a member of a KNOWN Bashing or Drama-Filled group, you will be banned!

3. Sending PRIVATE MESSAGES to members you DO NOT KNOW will get you banned!

This group is run by bloggers, know that you have a team of professionals at the helm.Group Rules:Posting Links to other sites: Please do not refer people to other sites, other than If you are a blogger, or run a group, please contact one of our Admin team to discus link exchanges.

To trade coupons, sell inserts, or sell anything coupon related, Use TRADERS FORUM you MAY share a link from the traders forum to any of our groups.

Coupon Policies and Interpretation:It is our belief that store managers have the final say in ANY transaction. Period. If you disagree with something a store manager has done for a customer (one of our members) then you should keep that opinion to yourself. Store managers have accountability for their actions, they have worked and proven themselves to their company, who are YOU to tell them (or a customer) that they are committing fraud? Promoting misuse? It is MY STRONG Opinion that FB Coupon police have given themselves self-appointed authority without any accountability. And to me, that is a problem.If you feel that you were wrongfully banned, please DO NOT contact our admin team. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY IN EFFECT.

Legal Stuff: Anyone posting in this group, with the sole intention of generating income, including, but are not limited to, links that land on webpage that contains affiliate links, information containing affiliate links,images containing affiliate links or linking to secondary website that includes any affiliate links or income generating links, hereby gives us permission to use said information on our website without attribution or penalty.