Crazy for Converse BST (children's)

BST Children's Converse- DRAMA FREE!

We have a zero tolerance policy. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

#1 Follow the Golden Rule.

- Post ONE photo of the Converse you're selling along with full description (size/condition/price *must include shipping* and sfpf.)
- All additional photos must be added to the comment thread.
- Screen shot all correspondence with buyer.
- Ship sold items within 1-3 business days of receiving cleared payment. If you cannot, or there is a delay, communicate with your buyer.
- PURGES cannot exceed ten pairs of shoes.
- Listed items must be in hand. (No lining up buyers for shoes that you have on the way to you. No "selling for a friend")
- Bump your listings. Don't make duplicates.

- Don't leave your PayPal info on the comment thread. This makes it a lot easier for scammers.
- Comment "Sold. PMing PayPal information"
- Take screen shots including seller's name, listing description, and photos of the item that you're wanting to buy.
- PM screen shots along with your PayPal information to the seller.
- NEVER PAY AS GIFT. Pay as goods, so you are protected by PayPal.
- IMMEDIATE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED ON ALL PURCHASES unless arrangements are made with the seller.
- PM all offers & pricing questions.
- Commenting "HOLD" or "INTERESTED doesn't give you claim to the seller's item. Commenting "SOLD," "WANT," or "ME" followed by PMing your PayPal info is the only way that a seller knows you're committed to buy.

- Your ISO must include a photo of the item you want along with size, style, & condition needed. BE SPECIFIC!
- No general ISOs (ex of general ISOs: "spam me with your 4T!" "ISO size 7T all colors." "Show me what you have in a 9T.")
- If you aren't answering someone's ISO, refrain from commenting on their ISO post.
- Bump your ISO. Don't make duplicate.

- Trades must be for other Converse or Converse plus money.
- The only "safe" trade, is to invoice one another.
- Be sure to invoice one another for the replacement value of the item(s) that you are sending to the other person.

- This page is for the sale and trade of CONVERSE ONLY. If other brands are visible in your posted photos, you will be removed. If you list any shoes or items for sale that aren't Converse, you will be removed.

- If you back out of a sale, you will be removed

- No outside links

- No auctions

- Posts with no activity for more than two weeks will be deleted.

- Administrators reserve the right to change and add rules as the need arises.

If you think something shady is going on, have a question, or have an issue with anyone, please PM an Administrator:

Lawren Cole Galloway
Heidi Monroe