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This group has been created to help people take advant...age and make money by referring or being referred to an app, product or service. Everybody is responsible for their own decision on what product they choose and how they choose to use it.

Posting Guidelines

ReferMe group and website offers users the ability to comment and engage in open discussions. We strive to keep the discussion board free of spam, remain on-topic, and maintain an insightful and respectful community.

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The following is a list of unacceptable posts/comments that may be cause for deletion:

• Use of offensive content related to race, gender, nationality, sexuality, religion, or politics.
• Excessive profanity or obscene material
• Spam
• Posting for the sole purpose of self-promotion, solicitation, or advertising.
• Posts completely unrelated to the current discussion
• Posting of personal information. These will be removed for your own safety
• Harassment or personal attacks towards those engaged in discussion
• Comments/insults about spelling and grammar. It has nothing to do with the discussion and just creates meaningless posts that flood the discussion board
• Excessive posts of the same content. We understand you want to be heard and get your word out there, but posting too frequently floods the message board.
• Posting content or material you don’t own the rights to
• Violating any law or regulation

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