Crescent Times

Salam Alykom dear brothers and sisters,
Peace be upon all of you.

Crescent Times newspaper was established in October 2008, in Perth, Western Australia, as the first independent Muslim community newspaper. The newspaper is published by a national company, Crescent Press Pty Ltd, with the aim of serving the Muslim community though various publications and general publishing services.
The first issue of Crescent Times (monthly newspaper) appeared in the market in the first day of November 2008. Since then, the newspaper has expanded to be distributed in Melbourne (since May 2009) then Sydney (since July 2009) then Adelaide (October 2009). The newspaper is no longer considered a local Western Australian newspaper, as the distribution in the eastern states is much bigger than in the original state of WA. The number of copies published each month is between 5000 to 8000 copies nationally, with an estimated readership of 15000 to 20000 (each copy is read by at least three family members). A large number of other readers also access the newspaper in its online version and several hundred receive their e-copy via emailing list.
The owners are proud to establish the first national Muslim newspaper in the history of modern Australia. The publisher’s aim is to inform the community by publishing news of interest to our Muslim brothers and sisters, including reports of events locally, nationally and internationally. In addition they hope to provide details about information and services available to the Muslim community as well as providing an outlet for Muslim owned or operated businesses to advertise their services.
In the last 12 months of operation the newspaper has proved that it is a real bridge between all sections of Muslim community as well as with the wider Australian community. It has been apparent that the newspaper has brought our community closer together, strengthened our relationships and provided a bridge to facilitate integration with the wider Australian community.
The real concern now, is about the future of Crescent Times – will the newspaper survive and continue to prosper as a strong national newspaper during the foreseeable months and years? Or will it die as was, sadly, the fate of the few Islamic publications in this country over the last 40 years. For Crescent Times, the growing readership is it’s huge success, but on the financial side the newspaper is still in need of proper support from Muslim advertisers, especially considering that the newspaper is distributed nationwide free of charge each month.

السلام عليكم

تاسست جريدة "الهلال تايمز" في نوفمبر - تشرين الثاني 2008 لتكون صوت الجالية المسلمة في غرب أستراليا. طموحنا أن تصبح الجريدة صوت كل المسلمين في أستراليا لتغطي الولايات الشرقية خاصة مسلمي ملبورن وسيدني.

عدد المسلمين في أستراليا هو رسميا في حدود 370000 ولكن التوقعات غير الرسمية تقول بما يتجاوز النصف مليون نسمة.
هذه الصفحة تاسست لمداخلاتكم باللغتين العربية والانجليزية. على الاخوة والاخوات الذين لا يتقنون الانجليزية الاسهام باللسان العربي على اساس ان هذه الصفحة هي عالمية ولا تغطي المسلمين في استراليا فقط.

على الراغبين بالاسهام باللغة الانجليزية ونشر مقالاتهم ونحوها في الجريدة ان لا يبخلوا علينا بارسال موادهم. سنحرر ما يستلزم التحرير باذن الله ونسهم في نشر اعمالهم -ولو كانت قصيرة وفي شكل اخبار- في "الهلال تايمز" ليقرأها الجمهور الاسترالي.

أخيرا فان الهلال تايمز جريدة إسلامية تنشر أخبار الجالية المسلمة في أستراليا. فنحن نلتزم بالضوابط الشرعية والفقهية الاسلامية ما استطعنا الى ذلك سبيلا. ولكن هذا الامر لا يعني ان الجريدة منغلقة على الكتاب المسلمين فقط. كل الاخوة والاخوات الذين بمقدورهم الكتابة والاسهام مرحبا بهم في الهلال تايمز. لقد نشرنا في الاشهر الماضية لكتاب منصفين غير مسلمين فقط لسبب انهم يجيدون الدفاع عن القضايا الاسلامية والعربية خيراُ من المسلمين انفسهم او قل خيرا من كثير من المسلمين.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله
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