Crested Geckos U.K

This group is for people to ask advice, advertise their Cresties and relating equipment for sale and share their photos and experiences. Please feel free to add friends.

*Remember it costs nothing to have manners!! *
Please keep posts related to Crested geckos only. We have a Creature Feature weekend where we get to show off our other pets on the 2nd weekend of each month.

*When advertising your crested gecko please post a picture of the exact crestie (or link to their selling album only) what you feed it on, price & location. Any ads not stating price, pic, or location will be deleted without warning as this can lead to unfair bumping of posts.
Only advertise Cresties for sale if they are minimum of 4grams or above in weight AND a minimum of 8 weeks old.
Please place sold on the ad when sold.
Bump or place a advert only once in 24 hours.
If you are selling a crestie make sure it is healthy e.g shedding, pooing, and eating fine and have no health problems. If someone is interested in buying your Crestie please ask them alot of questions to make sure they know about Crested Geckos!! If they are genuine buyers they wont feel offended by this.

*You may advertise your personal reptile groups in the groups files. Any links on the page will be removed. No advertising of any other groups than reptile related.

*Please be kind, accept everyone has their own views and own way of doing things even if you don't agree, treat others how you would expect to be treated.

*No swearing, spamming or abusing members this will not be tolerated.

*When buying/thinking about owning a crested gecko please do your research. Don't be afraid to ask questions, also ask the seller what food does it eat? as some people feed their crestie different foods to others (insects,repashy,clarks,fruit puree).
Please don't be offended when the seller asks you alot of questions, their priority is to know that you know about crested geckos before they sell to you.

*Members should only use pictures of their own animals, if the reptile/animal isn't owned by yourself you should give credit to those you have borrowed the pic from

*We know there are lots of cresties needing rescuing but you can only fund raise on the page if you are a registered charity or registered rescue due to the legal side of things. Any members found pm'ing other members for money will be banned, if members want to donate money please do this by directly contacting the person. Thank you.

* Any problems with any posts or bullying on the page please message the admins

Last of all anyone that is caught selling unhealthy crested geckos will be banned from the group without warning, they will not be allowed back in the group and reported to admins on other reptile groups and banned from them also!!!

Above all please enjoy our group!!! Thank you x