Crochet Addict 1

This is a site for anyone who loves to crochet.
We are a world ...wide community that is here to support each other.
We do have a number of rules to keep the group a happy and sharing place which can be found pinned at the top of the postings.

1. Must be crochet related.
2. DO NOT Share Patterns - share links instead
3. No negativity or drama
4. No Selling of Finished Items
No Donation Requests, Swaps, pay it forwards or Gifts.
5. Pictures must be able to be seen by everyone.
6. Please add pattern links if you can.
7. Any issues/problems contact admin direct.
8. Do not post “rude” items or swear. Has to be suitable for under 18's
9. Do not post links to Pages/Groups/Sales Pages or share from them.
10. Yarn Stash/Hauls can only be posted on Saturday’s. Any post with a yarn stash/haul posted on another day will be deleted without notice.
11. No Spamming (posting the same thing over and over again)
12. No political/religious posts or comments.
13. Do not PM Sell
14. Do not request testers in posts.
15. Do not post about yarn knots.
16. If a pattern is not available do not post about it.
17. Do not share personal information (including other peoples).
18. Do not request for patterns to be translated.