(SUNY ALBANY) Cross Charity Organization

Founded in 2012, Cross Charity Organization is a Capital Region/New York City based charitable and philanthropic organization geared towards serving the community, raising funds for the disadvantaged, and mentoring at risk youth from poverty stricken areas. Cross Charity Organization strives to encourage the fortunate in society to reach out and lend a helping hand, as evident by our self explanatory motto, "Help One, Help Many".

Executive Board/Founding Members---------------------

President--- Vanessa Owusu-Manu
Vice President---- Francis Agyemang
Secretary---- Vanessa Owusu-Manu
Public Relations Chair--- Chim Anyaoha
Community Service Chair---Mavis Mensah
Programming Director--- Dazia Wallerson

Cross Charity Projects-------------------------------------------

R&E May School:

• Through our partnership with the Albany based R&E May School, we offer volunteers the opportunity to mentor special educational youth that face emotional problems from their social issues or circumstances. Sometimes, children lack positive role models and the adequate support system to sustain and grow as people. We look to provide this support system by assigning volunteers with youth, setting up a positive experience for both parties.

OSU Children

• Cross Charity Organization has also collaborated with OSU Children, an orphanage in Ghana comprised of children with disabilities, to provide financial support and adopted a hospital ward at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. Through fundraising campaigns and generous donations, we plan to renovate the hospital ward by providing mattresses, curtains and food and by creating an account comprised of monetary funds used to treat patients that cannot provide for themselves.

Woman Vocational

• Lastly, Cross Charity Organization is organizing a Women's Vocational Training program in which the organization will sponsor the training of aspiring professional women in Third World, poverty stricken nations. This program will also help them find jobs and will, in turn, provide a sense of stability and independence that will encourage these women to become positive household leaders.

Participation- Interested in Cross Charity?-

Interested in joining the Cross Charity movement? UAlbany students will be briefed on upcoming community service opportunities via Twitter and Facebook, as well as through on-campus promotions. For any serious inquiries, concerns or ideas that can help strengthen the Cross Charity movement, email us at 1CrossCharity@gmail.com. For Twitter updates, follow us @UACrossCharity