Currently, in Port Dover...

Currently, in Port Dover Rules and Posting Guidelines.

"The aim of this group is to provide the people of Port Dover a forum to discuss current events effecting their lives as current or former citizens of Port Dover."

Use the group for open, healthy debate and discussion. Remember that your views will likely be challenged by someone else's. Keep it civil, no one needs to have their character attacked in an ad hominem argument. Keep it friendly, in the end we are all on the same side.

The members of this group use the forum as a privilege, and that privilege can be revoked if the following guidelines are not followed...

-Please, no "buy and sell" type posts. We suggest using the "Port Dover's Buy and Sell" Facebook page.

- No personal attacks against another member of the group, or more importantly, someone who is not a member of the group and therefore unaware of the comments here.

-No slanderous or libel comments about anyone, or any business in our community that can injure the subjects reputation or character. You can be held responsible for that by others more powerful then the groups moderators. This is a public forum.

- Do not personally attack any elected representative of our county. Attack their policies if you see fit, but any comments about them personally, are off limits. And remember, they all read what is on this site.

- If you have an issue with a business you have dealt with in Port Dover, take it up with them personally. Not all business owners are here to defend themselves, and one side of a story is not a story. If you can not resolve the issue with them directly, don't support them. That approach is 100% effective. Discuss it among your friends, but don't broadcast it here.

- This site is not a place to review restaurants, there are other more effective venues for that, go there.

- Please do not use offensive language. If you are unaware what language might be considered offensive, you will find out from the other members quickly once you use it.

- Keep all conversations on topic, that is, they should focus on our lives here in Port Dover. There are other venues to discuss world events.

- Always remember, when posting here, you are broadcasting to all the members of the group. Before hitting that send button, ask yourself, "would I say this if I was standing in front of all these people right now?"

- The anonymity, or the sense of it online tends to bring out the worst in us, but the reality is none of us are anonymous here and I firmly believe that some of the comments we find ourselves expressing online we would never say to someone personally. Do your best to self-censor yourself before posting and encourage others to do the same.

- The administrators of the group will not hesitate to remove posts that stray from the guidelines, and as a worst case scenario, remove and ban the poster.

- Trolls will not be tolerated and may find themselves suddenly removed without explanation nor apology.