Curve Appeal/Topeka & Shawnee County Area

This site is for the hard to find fashions and accessories for the curvy group. It's so hard to find clothing in those sizes that are reasonably priced and in great shape. Please read all the rules of the group before committing to buy or selling any items.

1. You only post pictures of your own items that you are selling. (No pictures from Etsy or factory pics) must be your own pictures from your phone or camera. All other pictures WILL BE DELETED.
2.If there is an issue with another seller bring it straight to admin. Do not contact another buyer to complain or attempt to take business from another seller. You will be deleted if this occurs.
We are all grown adults, the issue today was totally immature and could of been handled without involving so many people on this site. Someone also wanted to further the issue by contacting etsy about copyright infringements.