Cute Thai Girls

Just pics of the cutest girls from all over South East Asia.

PLEASE READ THIS POST before you post photos or comment.

1. This is a photo sharing group, not a dating group. Do not post any pictures other than of cute Asian girls. Especially not pictures of yourself if you are male.

2. STRICTLY NO posts saying "add me" or posting your contact details. There are no girls in this group so you are only wasting your time any way.

3. No postings pics containing nudity (partial or full) or pornography (these are facebooks rules not ours). Also do not share photos from other facebook pages that have links built in to pornography websites.

4. No negative comments. If you cannot say something nice just say nothing at all.

5. NO comments saying "its a man" or "its a ladyboy" etc. We have nothing against ladyboys whatsoever but we do not post photos of ladyboys here. If a member does post a photo of a ladyboy there is NO need to comment, it will be removed in due course.

6. Avoid bad, stupid or disprespectful language.