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I do not & have no wish to represent any country party or organisation.
I have no relation with North Korea other than being a Korean adopted in the Netherlands. If anything I like to share my dutch paradise with all who can only dream of better days without forgetting what my paradise is build on.

Please remember In South Korea, praising North Korea is illegal
AP - FOSTER KLUG, Published: Dec 7, 2011
In another sign of stepped-up enforcement, a South Korean government agency launched a team on Wednesday that will examine Facebook and Twitter posts and smartphone applications to cope with what it says is a growing volume of illicit content, including violations of the security law.
Officials scour the Internet for North Korean propaganda. The South Korean government blocks pro-North Korean sites, personal home pages and Twitter and other social media accounts, and deletes postings considered violations of the law.

You won't hear me hail Kim Jong Il/Un nor Lee Myung Bak. But I do believe the korean war was unrightfull (including the massacres prior to it) as the divide of the country never agreed by koreans and the US occupation still today. Also I believe the US / Skorean arms race is the Nr 1 cause for north koreas defence policy and that the isolation of the country is a two way street and not just the "evil" doings of late Kim Jong Il and together with our demonizing, isolating, sensoring, embargo strategy we "the west" are to blame aswell for the deathtolls of hungry north koreans. As a people of this little north korea opposing the worlds biggest economic powers & military force build up on its borders Yes I do have a Great respect for their achievements, suffering & endurance for 60 years fighting for their souvereign rights, a global issue US/NATO violating international laws, by illegal wars, genocide and occupation to profit our so called "civilized democratic" society.
Living in the netherlands I can not understand how we dare speak of human rights, democracy or "evil" dictators while supporting atrocities outside our borders & support the very dictators we like to condemn.
I do understand this is all part of the Art of War but I want to believe we can do better, that mankind is destined for a highter aim. ❤

I wish No Injustice Anywhere by anyWhom, No War & No Dictatorship from Any side. I believe Any leader should exist only by the grace of those represented
I wish Freedom of Choice & Speech for All, Human Rights, Basic Needs, Vote, Education, Information, Fair Trade & Fair Play.
The Right to Live & B loved.

All life is Connected
All life is Sacred
We are One

May our eyes be opened for the beauty in differences & love we share wishing better hoping praying believing in a common future and infinite posibilities for mankind when we realize our common dreams.

My Deepest Respect to All who dear speak up supporting Justice & Peace giving voice to the suffering often risking serious consequences for their own lives and their relatives.

✿۞ Owing You for it is by Your Grace I Live ۞✿

Yours Sincerely, Han EunJa (한 은자)

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