Avon ISR - Shelly & Daniel - Advertising

This group is for the purpose of advertising the specials and op...portunities currently available through Avon and the individual business owner, Avon ISR - Shelly & Daniel. Please do not post to main page. If you wish to communicate, do so through private messaging. Commenting on posts is acceptable.

FYI: I run a business and like any business owner, I have a responsibility to my business to help it grow. In order to do so, advertising is necessary. With that said, I frequently send group/mass messages to everyone in my group list. If you are ever included in a group message and wish to be removed please do not become rude. Instead, follow these simple instructions and feel free to remove yourself...goo.gl/H2WtVM. I promise once you remove yourself you will not be added back by me to that message. If you never want to receive these messages feel free to remove yourself from this group. Be sure to select not to be re-added by anyone or I may add you by mistake. I do not wish to annoy anyone or to make enemies.

*On the other hand, if you have any friends, family or associates that you feel would be interested in buying, selling or hosting a Facebook eParty for Avon please send them to the group.

If you have a business you'd like to advertise in exchange for sharing my business, there is a designated place in the photo albums to do so. Please read the rules for use, in the description, prior to posting your ad. I will know if you don't and will remove your ad until you comply. Go here to advertise...goo.gl/HVP7VI.

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