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Ebola: CDC Emory is maintained by infancy to adulthood, thirty-six year DeKalb County, Georgia resident Paul Douglas Hale:

Associate of Science (Health Sciences), Clayton State University, Morrow, GA

BEMT, DeKalb Technical School, Clarkston, GA

Infectious Diseases Floor EMT-A / NA II, South Fulton Hospital (Tenet/Atlanta Medical Center South)

Grady Memorial Hospital EMS #408 Tri-Cities; Atlanta Airport

Political Science Major, West Georgia College / University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA


DeKalb County, Georgia, is the geographic location of the United States Communicable Disease Control and Emory University, Vaccination Center and Hospital campuses.

U.S.C.D.C. maintains a campus in Chamblee, Georgia, adjacent to Peachtree-DeKalb Airport.


A Kenyan-Somalian with Three Arabic Names:

Bar-Rack Hussein Obama

Actor Ronald Regan and U.S. HIV Epidemic

In cooperation with The Private Political Party System sm


Current past presidents who have made no action to halt the criminal importation of Ebola, are:

James Earl Carter: Emory Carter Center and African River Blindness

William Jefferson Clinton

George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush

All state governors have failed, regardless of any recent action.