Everything Free ~ Dundee ~

~ Welcome to Everything Free ~
Below is a guideline to what you should expect from Admin and in return what we expect from you asking & giving on our group.

♦ Joining age is 16+
♦ Wanted post must have manners attached
♦ No pets other than missing pets.
♦ No Gas Appliances, Weapons or Alcohol.
♦ No first come gets it, people at work are in need to.
♦ No picking on givers about there choices.
♦ No asking for free and selling on.
♦ No sneaky inbox messages to get things.
♦ No sending members to where they will spend.
♦ No asking for Charity's we help family's.
♦ No being rude/swearing to Admin or Members.
♦ We advise against lending but your choice.

This is subject to change should admin feel the need.

If you are on one of our groups which cover more than one area, We expect location Town/City on your post to save time members keep asking and in most cases admin won't approve without location.
We also will not approve selling profiles or profiles which contain anything seen as inappropriate to others which has been set to public.

Should you have problems writing please write a post saying Admin Help, and one of the team will inbox you to assist you further,
But please remember admin do this out of the kindness of there hearts this is not a job but a pass time.

Finally to qualify for lifeline assistance you must be a member on Everything Free Eastbourne or Hailsham for 2 months and have no other resources to get a item moved yourself, also has to be a group with Peter Allen & Nina Collins on the admin list NOT one of the other free groups with same name but run by other people. Thank you