Eagle Butte area online garage sale


The Rules to this Group have been revised so that we as Admins can run this Group in a more smooth and civil manner..so if all the members can come and take a look to see if any revises have been made so that you are aware of the changes...

1) PLEASE use this page/site for it's intended purposes which are: Buy, Sell or Trade in the Eagle Butte Area or Surrounding Areas of EB..This is not a Chat Room or a Social Site so please refrain from using the comment section as a social column as the purpose for this is to inquire about the item (s) and if you feel you need to inquire more info about the item please do so in private message..

2) Any Posting about your business or Advertisements will NOT be allowed as there has been a group made specifically for this so PLEASE go to that group and post there as any past business and advertisements have cluttered the EB area online garage sale..

3) When selling your items please include your price your asking or if necessary say Best Offer (OBO) so don't be offended by what someone has to offer as you may ger a lower offer then what you were wanting for the item (s)..

4) PLEASE DO NOT POST the same item more than once and if the item (s)hasn't been sold or picked up because the sale fell through then PLEASE go back to your item (s) and put *still available* if this happens as to the item (s) then either Admins will DELETE your posts of your item (s) at any given time and you will have to re-post your item (s)..

5) PLEASE DELETE your item (s) or posts after they have been SOLD and at any given time if either Admins feel that your items have not been sold or see that no members are interested in your items we will DELETE your items so the site won't be so cluttered..Remember you can always find your posts or the comments you posted on a post by using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site's page..

6) If either ADMIN is informed on someone who is selling any item (s) that are STOLEN you will be REMOVED from the Group until further notice and once either admin feels that they will re-add that person (s) we will do so and if we choose not to then we will Ban them from the site..

7) Always Remember that once you say you want something then be sure to make arrangements to pick the item (s) up when you say you are and that you have the $$$ to get the item (s)..there is a courtesy time limit waiting for the buyer to come pick up the item and if the buyer has not picked up the item then it should be posted after 24 hours that it is still available or give to the next person who is inquiring about the item (s)..

8) Remember no price bashing on someone's item (s) if the price is to high and they won't take less what they are asking then that is your own personal opinion so keep all rude comments to yourself or don't try to prevent that person from selling their items because it's to high..just refrain from commenting!!

9) ITEM (S) that will not be SOLD or TOLERATED on this SITE are any ILLEGAL DRUGS (pipes, bongs etc.), Sexual items (Passion Parties) or ALCOHOL..if this happens you will automatically be BANNED from this SITE..

10) PLEASE POST ALL ITEMS IN ALBUMS as this SITE is beginning to get CLUTTERED and a REMINDER that as of August 1, 2012 either ADMIN will begin to DELETE ALL ITEMS if they are not in a album..ALL these RULES may seem like alot but we as Admins feel like this site has been getting out of hand within the last few months and want it to run more smoothly as possible with very little issues and the Rules to this site will be added as we see fit or if new issues or problems arise..

11) WE as Admins are in no way RESPONSIBLE for any transactions you make on here if you have purchased an item (s) that does not work or wasn't something you were looking for and are not satisfied then you are responsible for contacting the seller on the issue we are not referee's so we as Admins hope that the SELLERS will be HONEST and TRUTHFUL with their item (s) wether it's a electronic, cars, furniture or clothes..If any members are having any issues with other members with harrassment we will like to be notified so we will consider hearing both sides and if the matter doesn't get solved then we will consider banning either or both..if we even get to many complaints on a member for any obscene language, stalking or continuing to pressure a member into buying their item (s) then we will also consider deleting the person (s)..this site was created so that you can sell your item (s) and not created for any DRAMA so ALL MEMBERS PLEASE be civil, respectful and NICE!!!

We hope this page is useful to all of you and that the rules will be followed!!!

Thank you,
Admins Cody Hall and Ann Rochelle Kis