ELGRAND Owners Club UK ....... Nissan ......... previously Elgrand.ning.com

E50 & E51 ELGRAND Owners UK - Facebook Group ~ currently has ove...r 1,200 owners/ members across the world.
We were formerly the main UK Website ELGRAND.ning.com which ran successfully for 8 years from 2008 ~ 2016, but due to the dominance of Facebook, the main site was closed down in 2016 as nearly 90% of our members used Facebook, it made real sense to be where everyone is now hanging out.

In case your not sure what a Nissan Elgrand is, it's a Nissan 7/8 seater MPV made only for the Japanese & Far Eastern Markets. In the UK there are currently only about 5,000 Elgrands that have been imported to date.

If you own a NISSAN Elgrand, then why not join us by becoming a member of this Facebook Group.