English Premier League Fans In Sri Lanka

EPLFSL Group Rules
Please Note- We will be operating as 'EPLFSL' here onwards.
1. No ADVERTISING- Has to be approved by the group of admins. (even non-profit events and sales items)
2. Personal insults will not be accepted.
3. Racism/Sexism will not be tolerated.
4. Posts made should be related to football ONLY.
5. Posts related to other leagues will be accepted(to a certain extent).
6. Swear words have to be filtered with the use of an asterisk (*).
7. No sexual or pornography references.
8. No reference to other sports (Sri Lankan sports will be accepted to a certain excent.).
Complaints- Screenshot to be sent to admins. Please do not tag admins to monitor issue.
Violation of these rules will result in a.
1 A Weeks Ban
2. 4 Weeks Ban
3. 3 Months Ban
4. Lifetime Ban
Warnings will also be given.
New members will be accepted only upon verification.We monitor the profile of the user and accept based on instinct. We do monitor the groups the user is a member of and also other aspects of the profile that help us determine if the user is related with Sri Lanka..
Thank You
EPLFSL Administration.