Human, Hybrid, EBE & Extraterestrial Offical Group.

This group was created to increase awareness of extraterrestrial... beings and to foster and encourage a dialogue and cooperation between human and extraterrestrial beings. There have been hostile activities on both the parts of humans and extraterrestrials alike. Conflicts are expected in this group, but to resolve them patience and tolerance is important. All members should express concerns without being hostile and all members will be treated fairly and with respect. A goal of this group is to have an objective discussion about extraterrestrial beings. Our goal is not to delete or block hoaxes but in fact should include objective discussions about how to identify the hoaxes in an ends to identify authentic accounts of ET. Please only post topics which relate to the group description. Please do not post leaked information from the Federal Government or Military Branches as it is considered against the law for us to allow such posts. This group is consistent with mission objectives of multiple extraterrestrial races which include objectives to protect humans and earth and the social ecology of this galaxy. To all members, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I warmly welcome you to earth and to this group which I hope you enjoy.