EY Legacy RAAM Team

Please donate to CollegeMAP http://www.ey.com/RaceforCollegeMAP...

We have established this group to keep anyone who is interested informed about the EY Legacy Builder Race Across America Team (RAAM) .

We have formed a 4 person Co-ed over 50 Team to raise funds for CollegeMAP.

Our team consists of Mark Gibson (Orange County), Rosalyn Brandon (Seattle), Peter Zofrea (Orange County) and Paul Webb (Marin).
We also have two additional team memvers training with us as reserves in case one of us can't race. They are Laurence Dudson (Marin) and Sharon Woods (San Francisco).

The organization we work for, EY, is committed to building a better working world. One of the ways we do that is through our signature mentoring program, College MAP, which helps under served students from across the US apply to and succeed in higher education. The program makes a difference by engaging teams of EY professionals as mentors – including a number of truly exceptional people from our office in San Francisco.
Every mile we ride will raise scholarship dollars for College MAP, and we are proud to be funding these young people as they purse their dreams and begin building their own legacy.