Eagle Peeps group is dedicated to the memory of "Mom Norfolk", the beautiful female eagle that originally brought us all together and who we lost in 2011. Our group discussions and posts are about bald eagles, birds, and wildlife and EXCLUDES any social and legal issues involved with the NBG eagles other groups and the law suit filed. Our goal on Peeps is for this page to be a place of calm and peacefulness for all members, a refuge from the cruelties around us.
Please stay positive in your comments and posts. If any "inappropriate", "controversial", "cursing" or "political" post or comment is made it will be removed immediately . PLEASE stay away from postings about shot, abused or killed/dead animals or birds, as well as posts about legal, personal or private issues. We don't promote donations, contests or petitions on the page. There are 2 extension groups of the main Eagle Peeps group: "Eagle Peeps Rainbow Bridge" where we support prayers for your family, friends, pets or any of your personal needs and > "Eagle Peeps Voting" for contests and petitions. Thanks and again...Welcome!