East Montrose Houston - A Living Mosaic

East Montrose is a neighborhood located in the inner-loop area of Houston, TX. The purpose of this group is for residents of the neighborhood to use to discuss ongoing issue, news, calls to action, notices, events in the neighborhood, etc.

BULLYING OR HARASSING OTHER MEMBERS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This group is not affiliated with the volunteer civic association, but is privately owned and maintained. Member approval or REMOVAL is at the sole discretion of the administrator. Any post that breaks these rules, or is deemed offensive or possibly slanderous or damaging to any other member, or even a non-member, will be deleted at the sole discretion of the administrator. In other words - KEEP IT CIVIL!

And finally... member requests that are using an obvious fake name will NOT be approved for membership in the group. If you can't use your real name, then that sends up a lot of red flags. Any member that posts spam (hey, check out these great sunglasses at a great deal!) will be BANNED from the group immediately. Occasionally a fake facebook account will get by the admin and get approved for membership, and the account then posts spam. This will not be tolerated!

Non emergency number for police 713-884-3131