Ecuador Coast

Ecuador Coast a unique part of Ecuador where the gringo and the local Ecuadorian population actually mixes. We enjoy spending time together! That creates a social life like no place else on the planet.

Ecuador Coast is where we discuss living, working, playing, retiring, visiting, y algo mas on the Coast of Ecuador. We allow and encourage the promotion of social events and happenings that bring us together. We do allow you to post your things but request that you also involve yourself in the group -- so no joining just to sell or promote. But be aware -- we will ask you about your product or promotion -- we want to know who we are dealing with.

How to Participate ~
A. Relax and do what we do best -- enjoy each other's company.
B. We may even fight a bit but we'll get past it, this is the Coast – tranquilo!
C. Please post only what you personally know,or be prepared to back up what you post here.

Rules ~
1. An Ecuador Coast member should not be a jerk -- treat folks the way you want to be treated -- if it get's mean, ugly, nasty, belligerant, or someone treats you
that way ---> PM the Administrator (Susan Schlesinger) and step away from the

2. Don't be a jerk here -- if you are treating folks in a mean, ugly, nasty,
uncaring, belligerent manner ---> Please STOP. The Administrator (Susan Schlesinger) will tell you if you are being a jerk and to stop doing being so by
PM. Please note that the decision of what constitutes being a jerk is up to the
Administrator and her decision stands.

3. If you are going to be a jerk you will be gone from the Ecuador Coast page --
it is up to you to decide to stop being a jerk if it has been pointed out to you
by the Administrator. If you continue to be a jerk you will be removed from the
page. If you use another person's account to access the page, that person will be
removed from the page. Decisions of the Administrator are final.

4. (Added March 9, 2014) All Posters must remained unblocked to the Administrator or their account will be deleted.

5. (Added July 30,2014) Sock Puppet Accounts will be deleted without notice.

By the fact you are using the Ecuador Coast page (by participating, posting,
viewing the page repeatedly) you have read these rules and agreed to be held to
these rules.

And with that being said...


Susan Schlesinger
Ecuador Coast

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