Ecuador Expats

This group is for expats in Ecuador, or those thinking about getting here. It is also for Ecuadorians who are either living here or abroad.

The mission of the group is about sharing our experiences living in Ecuador, the challenges, worries, victories, and questions. And for people not yet here but contemplating a life changing move, to listen to their questions and concerns and give them answers and help.

Keep discussions focused on Ecuador. Any posts (threads) that start out not being about Ecuador will be removed. Members who make such posts will be sent a message reminding them of the group rules. If they continue to start threads not about Ecuador, they will be removed from the group.

No personal attacks - While debating and discussion is fine, rudeness and insulting or inflammatory posts will not be tolerated and may be removed without notice by an administrator.

No profanity - That means no four-letter swear words, or variations thereof.

No discussion of U.S. politics.

No discussion of religion that's aimed at promoting a particular faith, and no debates about religious doctrines and beliefs.

No discussions aimed at promoting illegal activities.

Advertising - Those who wish to post ads must also contribute to the general discussions about Ecuador. Failure to do so could result in the ads being removed and the user being removed from the group.

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