Eritrean Civic Democratic Movement

Our Ideological and Political Philosophy briefly:-
We believe that:....

A.We struggled for independence to restore our freedoms, dignities, and rights because we are convinced that we are born free and equal. Hence, no Eritrean should be denied any of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the ratified Eritrean constitution, and the rights and freedoms stipulated in both the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Union’s African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
B.Our political ideology believe and movement is civic nationalism, to build modern civic state, civic-minded citizens and civic nation.
C.We hold firmly to the belief that every opposition force, be it a group or an individual has contributed to bring the current system to an end.
D.A serious engagement in the politics of peace building and reconciliation is the only route to national unity.
E.Except for handful people the Eritrean population i.e. the civilian population, the army, the members of PFDJ, the Diaspora and the students are all victims of the current regime.
F.Our motto is ‘peaceful coexistence’ between our neighbor as with in ourself
G.We should work with the international community to resolve the current border dispute with Ethiopia in accordance to the binding verdict of the international court of arbitration and restore good relationship with Ethiopia.
H.All Eritreans who left the country should return and leave normal lives irrespective of political inclination, religion, gender or ethnicity.
I.The Eritrean diversity within unity is our strength
J.Our highest political notes is to save the weak citizens and empowered him with subjective consciousnes.

NB: For more information reference material is our “Manifest Destiny”