Elio Motors Owners Association

The Elio Motors Owners Association Facebook Group is for those who have made actual reservations to Elio.

To gain admission, Please provide a photo copy of your Elio Motors email confirmation of reservation deposit to an EMOA administrator.

EMOA is a social group of diverse multi-cultural people from many different walks of life, brought together to share in a common interest called Elio Motors based on a deposit for a future yet to be created vehicle.

To share ideas, learn new information, to inform and educate, and support Elio Motors in becoming successful.

EMOA community will work together to encourage and facilitate the success of Elio Motors.


* Honor and respect the feelings and opinions of those in this group

* Strive to lead openly and inclusively
* Share experiences that may help others
* Communicate, inform, and engage each other

* Take other’s emotions/opinions into account without passing judgment
* Treat others as you would have them treat you
* Fill a need if you are able

***EMOA Policy on Harassment and Disrespect towards others. This policy strives to promote equal treatment of all EMOA members and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding between members.

Toward that end, EMOA considers the use of demeaning, belittling, humiliating, insulting, bigotry, hate, or other forms of disrespectful language toward or about yourself or others to be unacceptable.

One or more of the following tests may be useful in determining whether particular terms are unacceptable under this policy:

1. Whether you would feel discriminated against or insulted if someone else who is different from you were to use that term when referring to you.

2. Whether referring to yourself or another person in such a way would tend to segregate yourself or others on a minority basis.

3. Whether such terminology tends to perpetuate racial, ethnic, gender, or other minority stereotypes.

4. Whether such terms would make a normal person feel belittled, needled, or picked on.
The following examples illustrate what is unacceptable under this policy (the list is not exhaustive and is only a general guide):

* Disrespectful terms relating to a person's race, color, religion, age, national origin, citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, or disability

* Excessive or habitual use of terms relating to a person's characteristics, if a reasonable person would feel excluded, belittled, or singled out for unwanted attention through such language

* Referring to people in terms of their assumed nationalities

* Words relating to gender stereotypes

* Profane or obscene references to yourself or others

* Images considered pornographic and racists
EMOA will not tolerate forms of bigotry, hate, or outright disrespect of EMOA members, disregard for this policy could result in immediate termination from EMOA group.