Artists with passion Northland, NZ

Artists with passion Northland, NZ has been created for the post...ings of talented people in the many facets of the arts. They may be musicians, artists, writers, poets, crafts people and more. This group includes chefs etc who not only have to prepare foods that taste good but also look good. If you have a talent in some art form or wish to follow the postings of those that do this group is one you may wish to join.
We encourage members from outside of the region but ask that posts and comments mostly have a focus on the region, have an informative or tutorial focus that may assist the arts people of the region or that assist in networking with them. Posts without this focus, that are just for fun, can be made but please keep to a minimum. This is asked so that members who choose not to switch off notifications are not inundated with alerts. Thanks for your understanding, any enquires you have are welcomed, please enjoy! Regards Warren