English Speakers in Morocco

A group representative of English speakers (men or women) in Morocco, to help answer questions about life, culture, places in Morocco, to support the local and new comers to Morocco,
We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation. We live in Morocco and want to help each other and newcomers to have a better life, to better understand and love Morocco. We do this through sharing tips, interesting addresses, restaurants or new trends and debating current issues.

Marheba bikoum/Welcome to the English speakers in Morocco Group.

The rules are simple:
- Be 18+
- Post a picture of yourself (Mandatory rule to be approved into the group)
- Don't proselytize any religions,
- Post in English,
- No abusive language, and treat others the same way you wish to be treated.
- No advertising related to Non Moroccan or any non Expat matters ( you can promote your business but don’t post it every day)
- Violation of these rules will result in posts and comments being deleted, and/or members being removed from the group.

If you need to look for a specific topic, go to the far right of the page and click on the icon that looks vaguely like a magnifying glass!