Ethiopian Episcopal Church (EEC)

This is the group to bring together all the members of the church throughout the world. We will share all the news and any important celebrations and events. We will be able to communicate and be in touch with one another. When we leave our areas and move to another area, it will be easy for you to leave us a note here and we will help you get the nearest district that you can take part in.
Most of all, iTopiya yeyethu; Masiyakheni kuba kaloku kwamiswa ngathi ngobaw'omkhulu bethu.

The Order of Ethiopia was a church whose leaders were part of the Ethiopian movement. It was founded in 1899 and initially led by James Mata Dwane.It went into communion with the Church of the Province of Southern Africa. In July 1999 the Provincial Synod of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa rescinded its Canon 48, which dealt with the relations between the CPSA and the Order of Ethiopia. The former Order of Ethiopia then decided, on 1999-08-27, to change its name to the Ethiopian Episcopal Church, and declared that the Ethiopian Episcopal Church was the successor in title to the Ibandla laseTiyopiya / Order of Ethiopia.