Eritreans For Action

- Who are you?
> We, the founders of this Facebook Group and Page are a group of like-minded Eritrean youth who came to know one another through the social network. We are not affiliated to any political party of the opposition, but we are independent and action-oriented Eritreans that have a clear position against the PFDJ regime. We believe in the removal of the ruling regime in Eritrea from the grassroots and in offering the Eritrean people the chance to decide on its own future, a future incorporating justice, peace and freedom.
- What are your goals?
> The major goal of "Eritreans for Action" is to achieve changes of the current situation in Eritrea to the better by ousting dictator Isaias Afewerki and his regime through actions. The minor goal of this group is to build an efficient infrastructure involving and activating Eritreans in order to realise the sought after changes.
- How will you reach these goals?
> We will reach our goals by utilising all forms of communication (mainly Facebook, but also twitter, YouTube, online forums, blogs, news/discussion group, email(list), Skype, Paltalk, mobile, phone, [online] radio, [online] newspapers, [online] TV) in order to organise ourselves to achieve small and efficient task packages, which will slowly increase our coordinated efforts and success until we reach all our goals.

As the keyword for this group is 'Action', we will build its success on small and effective iterative action-based subtasks leading to the major and minor set goals. The 1. PREPARATION, 2. DISCUSSION, 3. EXECUTION, 4. DOCUMENTATION and 5. PUBLICATION of the periodically Action subtasks as well as persevering in following and sticking to this 5-STEP PLAN effectively will be key to the overall success in creating impact by empowering and promoting general opinion.

This will happen when we; are united and well organised, are committed and dedicated, show respect to each others views and ideas, are determined to consciously and courageously achieve our goals by giving them absolute priority.