Erotic Fantasy Illustration

Erotic Fantasy Illustration is about sexy illustrations and the ...artists who create them. This is NOT a group about fantasy art in general, it is specifically for erotic illustrations and pinups. Share "sexy" work from your favorite artist and see the beautiful work of others! Members are encouraged to share related public posts.

- No Nudity
- Credit the Artist
- No Ads or Spam
- Sexy or Erotic Fantasy Art & Pinup Only!
- No Images of Children
- Photography (Stylized & Pinup Only!)
- Be Nice! (No hateful comments)

We allow a small amount of artistic nudity since our group is now private. Nudity IS allowed in comments (or when posting a link and FB generates the preview). I don't want this group to be a chore so I hope the art-loving, wonderful group of members will use good judgement.

Please DO NOT post albums as they break apart then don't contain the artist information. Instead, post up to 5 individual images each day.

A SINGLE link is allowed in each post. You can link to the original unedited image, a relevant page, or even to where an item is being sold. Additional links can be posted in the comments.

Ads of any kind are PROHIBITED. If you would like to promote your work, please post an illustration that is relevant to this group and include a single link to the page you want to promote. Artists are encouraged to do so. Also, remember to sign and watermark your images.

We encourage artists to post items for sale or other projects they have going.

Although creating a good paint-over requires a lot of skill & practice, that IS NOT what this group if for. This is an ILLUSTRATION group which makes allowances in other CLOSELY related areas. If your work resembles a paint-over or shopped-work, please be prepared to present figure-studies, concept sketches, or the layers of your work.

Stylized fantasy photography is allowed and welcome (with credit to photographer/model). If the work is highly stylized AND erotic, then it might be appropriate for this group. If it's a "selfie" or taken with a phone, ...probably not. This is not a forum for naked models. Please don't be offended if your photo is removed.

It's fine to post a source photo to go with an illustration.

Sexy 3D renderings are welcome if the artist likes to hang with the illustration/pinup crowd and the post follows all other guidelines.

Relevant videos are welcome.

Everyone has a right to their own religious views and I'm 100% ok with that but that topic is forbidden from this group as it causes some anger and bad feelings. Please discuss it somewhere else.

Mean or hateful comments or posts will NOT be tolerated! If you can't be nice, keep your comments to yourself or go somewhere else.