Euros of Indiana

For buying, trading, selling, and discussing Euro cars (VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, ect...)! Also to exchange information on "Meet and Greets", and other car show information. You do not need to own a Euro car to be in the group but it is for Euro cars only!

Welcome to the Euros of Indiana!

No bashing.
No trolling.
Post about Euro cars only! No "I know it's not a Euro but...".
No disrespecting other members.
No spam.
If you do not like the price someone is asking then move on. If you want to offer what you think is fair then do so. Do not argue the cars worth on someone's post.
Poaching members/advertising groups of the same type will get you removed. This excludes out of state groups/car show groups.

If you can not follow these rules you can not be a part of this group. This is a free service and we can all act like adults.