Welcome to Events in Oman!

This group is a platform for all event organisers conducting events in Oman to promote their events free of cost. If you are not an organiser, you can still share an upcoming event in the group.

We would like to maintain a friendly environment in the group, so please read the following rules:

1. If you know of any upcoming public events (Example: exhibitions, fairs, live concerts, sport events, charity events, carnivals, etc) happening in Oman, post them in the group. Other irrelevant posts will be removed. Please try to mention all details of the event, i.e: date, time, venue, etc.

2. You can also post queries about any event information you would like to know of.

3. Avoid posting details of the same event more than once a day, similar posts will be removed.

4. You can also promote your event company or service by posting details of the same in the group, along with a link to your facebook page/website (if any).

5. If you have any problem with a post in the group, you can send me a message. Suggestions/feedback are also welcome.

6. Tag me in the comments section if you come accross any advertisements/spams or any sort of inappropriate content in the group.

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This group is not responsible for any of the events taking place. Lack of permission from respective authorities will be sole responsibility of the individual or organisation conducting the event and not of the group or any of it's members, including the admins. The group is not responsible for the change of dates or cancellation of any event.

Thank you!