~Everything's Free~

GROUP RULES: Before you post to this page, PLEASE READ ALL OF TH...ESE RULES!!!!! This group is for USA CITIZENS ONLY. If you are from other countries, please remove yourself.
1. ALL POSTS MUST include your location, (CITY & STATE) not just city, city area or anything else, or it will be DELETED. This is because this group covers MULTIPLE states, and it will save time of people in one state asking for something, and someone in another state being too far to give them what they are asking for. If your post contains only a city or a state, or NO location, then your post will be deleted, and you will receive a warning by PM, so please check your OTHER folder. A second violation will result in your post being deleted, and YOU will be removed from the group without question or second warning.
2. Items posted on this page are to be given away or requested for FREE, for people who can make good use of that item. They must also be LEGAL. We are allowing dogs & cats to be given away, but you MUST indicate the age of the pet, and if possible post a pic. Puppies & kittens that are LESS THAN eight (8) weeks old will NOT BE ALLOWED. You will be warned ONE TIME if you try to.
3. There will be no buying, selling, or suggesting places that do buy or sell. If this happens, you will be warned ONE TIME. Second occurrence will result in membership removal (banned) This means that phrases such as “reasonably priced”, “cheap”, “I can’t pay much”, or ANY other insinuation of money being exchanged. ANY posts of RAYBAN/OAKLEY sunglasses, UGG shoes/boots, website links (URL’s) or advertising businesses results in automatic removal of membership. This group is for individual/PRIVATE exchange of items unless you comment a suggestion of a FREE clothing closet or food pantry. You are allowed to offer to give away scrap metal to be hauled off, but you are NOT permitted to REQUEST to haul off scrap metal, as this is a method of making money which is not allowed in a FREE group.
4. If you have something lying around the house that you don't use anymore, why not post it up here, someone will use it, IE: toys, baby equipment, clothes, tools, etc.
5. Please feel free to post your unwanted goods or ask for what you need, but be reasonable. No asking for FREE VEHICLES. If you have multiple items to OFFER, then PLEASE make an album instead of making 5 individual posts of 5 different items. People don’t want to scroll through the whole page of posts from ONE PERSON. The ONLY exception for this is if you are using a phone to access the page. If you have to use a phone, please indicate this in the beginning of your post. For example: (posted from phone) “description of item being offered”.
6. No profanities, fighting, dramas, rude comments or blocking admins. We have a fantastic bunch of people here, let's keep it that way. ANY violation of this rule will result in IMMEDIATE removal/banning.