Exeter University Games Society

1)GameSoc exists to promote the playing of non-computer related games to students and people generally within the Exeter area.

2) It tries to promote links between students and local players interested in similar games.

3) It provides a regular location for people to meet up and play games in a friendly, free and easy to find location (normally Cornwall House room 5), on a weekly basis. It meets every Sunday, including during vaction time, from 2pm until 10pm.

Games played include, but are not exclusively, board games, card games (especially collectible card games; CCGs) and roleplay games (RPGs).

This can be anything from boardgames like A Game of Thrones, through Carcassone, Shadows Over Camelot and Settlers of Catan; CCGs like Magic the Gathering, Lord of the Rings, Warlord and Versus System; RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Paranoia, Deadlands or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay; wargames like Necromunda, Blood Bowl, WARMACHINE, 40k or Urban War. Even wacky games that don't fit into the above categories, such as Pirates of the Spanish Main (Yarr!) or Night of the Ill-tempered Squirrel.

If you want to find players for a game you like, but we don't play, bring it along. Or contact us here and ask.