Expats network Cambodia


ENGLISH spoken EXPAT network group for the music lovers, entrepreneurs, dreamers and well doers...

We like to keep this page informative and inviting, therefor we have a few rules unfortunately.

To prevent you from being banned we ask to respect the following.

Do not post the same multiple times.
Do not post ad's for multinationals, we only support the small business owners.
Do not use this page for vindictive purposes.
Do not post sexual and obscene content, I am sure that there are many other groups that can cater you.
Only post commercial advertising on Wednesdays!!!

Events are allowed at all times.

For so called brain doctors, multilevel scheme promotors and Iphone scammers we have one address for you.


TOP BANNER is available every two weeks... So if you have a creative or charitable project that needs some exposure, then please feel free to sent your motivation.

Happy days...