Expats in El Salvador

Founder and Administrator: Shannon Falkenstein. Please contact me with any questions or feedback - I invite your input!


EXPATS IN EL SALVADOR is a forum where members can announce events, promote their businesses, advertise items for sale, share resources, ask questions and connect with other expats in El Salvador.

Despite its name, the group is not just for expats, rather for anyone who serves or self-identifies with the English-speaking expat community.

Due to security concerns, this is a CLOSED group. Please invite your friends to join! You can add them yourself or they can request to be added on the page.

.Just a few RULES to keep things tidy:

• All images and content posted here are the sole responsibility of their author(s)/promoter(s).

• No offensive language/images/content will be permitted.

• The Administrator reserves the right to take down any advertising/promotion that violates any of the rules expressed herein, or that at his discretion, does not meet the appropriate criteria.

• No spam from outside sources will be permitted. Vendors/businesses will be allowed to repost/reshare their ads once every 24 hours within this site. This will allow for the ad to again be briefly at the top of the site wall and the Facebook news feed every 24 hours for the duration of the post.

• Ads may be posted up to ONE MONTH in advance from the beginning date of the event/sale.

• Promoters are responsible for removing their expired ads no later than 24 hours after they are no longer relevant.

• Please conduct your business in a professional, ethical, collegial, organized and tasteful manner.

• Membership and advertising on this space is absolutely FREE.

• All bartering, money exchanges, negotiations, and/or transactions between members MUST take place outside this group at the member's own discretion as to what is the best venue to conduct/finalize their business deals with prospective clients.

These guidelines will be updated as the site unfolds...

Thank you very much and Welcome! We're glad you are here.