Expats In Bolivia

1. Go to www.facebook.com/groups/expatsinbolivia
2. Click Join Group in the top-right corner
3. Send an email to the group administrator at: expatsnbolivia@gmail.com
4. In the email please provide the following information:
- Your reasons for wanting to join the group
- If you live in Bolivia, what city you live in there
- Where you are from originally (Country mainly)

This helps us ensure all members are in the group for legitimate reasons. Thanks for your cooperation.

Expats in Bolivia is a Discussion Forum for all expats living in Bolivia (or those who just have an interest in Bolivia). It is a closed group, which means all membership requests must be approved by an administrator, and that only members can see each others' messages. We share information about expat living, working, traveling, immigrating, retiring, eating, drinking, surviving, buying, selling, building, peace, love, harmony, sustainability, helping, health, brotherhood (and sisterhood too!), flexibility, the environment, indigenous causes, energy, coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, etc. etc., all the things that are good and unique about Bolivia.

We would love to have you join, but please be aware that we are a harmonious and positive group and don't want to spoil that by too much discussion of external politics or religion. We keep the discussions focused on Bolivia and the Expat Experience. If you want to get into heated discussions about international politics, the wars around the world, George Bush, drones, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Putin, etc. etc. etc., then this is NOT THE GROUP FOR YOU.