The Most active FATBIKE group Worldwide. (Based in Singapore)
If... you have a FatBike, feel free to join us for our rides / discussions / Forum.... Once accepted, please post a photo of your FatBike and intro yourself, so we will all know who you are and where you are from.

We will allow any sellers / shops to post their products on the page, but it has to be Strictly FatBike related. Overseas FatBike cycling trips may also be posted here.

As this page is for the love of FatBike riding, we will not hesitate to remove members post, if they are Political / Racist / Bullying / Belittling other member in nature. Serious cases - ban from page.

Please note that you need to have a FatBike to join us, unless you are a seller of FatBike products. We will also consider you if you are planning to buy a FatBike within the next 6 months. Admin. (We are linked with MTB@SG - Join in there if you are in here) :)