FC Barcelona - World by capone KP

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This Fans Group was created to Unite strictly Barcelona Fans all over the world, The members must hereby adhere to all rules and regulations of this group to ensure its continuity, no discrimination of any kind, be it religious, tribal/ethnic etc, abusive or foul languages are not tolerated, although this is a Barcelona Fan Group and anything we do here should be about Barcelona, we however cant remove the BIRTHDAY and other CELEBRATION factors, LIKE Salla, Xmass, New year, etc. So we are allowed to post things about it.
We should always respect and love one another as this is what the beautiful SLOGAN MORE THAN A CLUB is preaching.

In this group you can publish anything related to Barcelona.
Any information about the club all the events will certainly come in handy.

FC Barcelona - World by capone KP when the group will try to gather all the fans of Barcelona with the world in one place. Founded: 09/06/2013 17:12