Fireworks for Arbroath 2015

I have been awake for hours due to the stormy weather during the night. Been thinking about the lack of fireworks in Arbroath this year. I reckon we should have a public meeting very soon to see about fundraising for 2015. Not sure how it should all be organised. Thought a FB page would be a good start. I am going to find a venue for a meeting and will post here and make an event. Please add as many friends as you can. Please bear with me as I have never tried to organise anything before. I am looking to set the ball rolling, but other people are going to have to grab the ball and help me run with it! I have seen on several local sites that lots of people would like to do something but no-one knows where to start. So I have started it......but I am going to need help!! Please be gentle with me LOL