Final Fantasy UK Fans


Hello and welcome to Final Fantasy UK Fans, a Facebook group with a fairly self-explanatory name :) while living in the UK and talking about Final Fantasy are the two major focuses of the group we do welcome people from around the world to join us and discuss not just FF but RPGs in general! :)

We don't have too many rules, please read through them before posting :)

1) Treat each other with respect, feel free to passionately debate on anything, from the best jobs to use in FF1 to the direction Square Enix is taking Final Fantasy in today. But do not make it personal. Personal attacks on any other member in the group will result in an immediate, permanent ban.

2) Try to maintain a high quality of posts in the group. We don't mind posts such as "who is cooler, Cloud or Squall?", but at the very least add your opinion into the mix and explain why you think that way. Please do not start threads by mindlessly sharing photos and memes from other groups, they almost never encourage interesting discussion. Posting original content is ok :)

3) If you are new please do not advertise here. That means no links to blog posts, podcasts, facebook groups, livestreams etc. Trusted, contributing long-term members are welcome to do so at the discretion of the administrators. If you are unsure please double-check before posting.

4) None of us are perfect but please try to make posts legible by attempting to use proper spelling and grammar. Please also try to keep usage of naughty words to a minimum, there's no age restriction (beyond the Facebook one) to join the group.

5) If you are posting any information (news etc) please double-check that no one else has recently done so already, if you're sharing the same news being reported by a different website or with additional details then please feel free to link it as a reply in the original thread.

6) If you want to sell any unofficial goods (such as your own artwork based on copyrighted materials, or bootleg games/music CDs) then please do not, this is actually illegal. We will delete such posts and repeated disregard for this rule will result in a permanent ban. We have no problem with selling your official goods here but please make any transactions with strangers from the internet at your own risk.

7) Please do not post spoilers to recently released games, at the moment this includes Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest Heroes (this list will be regularly updated)

8) Have fun! :)

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