Friends Of Brooklands School FOBS Sainsburys local Charity of the year

Friends of Brooklands School. FOBS

Brooklands School is a special needs school for children with severe learning and or physical disabilities from the ages of 2 1/2- 11 years.

FOBS was set up by parents and the very dedicated staff of the school to raise funds to buy specialist equipment and resources that are not funded by the LEA. FOBS is a small local registered charity.

We have been lucky enough to be chosen by Sainsbury’s supermarket Redhill as their chosen local charity of the year! Thank you to everyone who nominated us. Thank you to the staff at Sainsbury’s that chose us as their charity of the year.

FOBS need your support. Disabled adapted equipment can be very expensive and a physically disabled child can require a huge amount of equipment. Something as simple as an I pad that may seem like a luxury will allow a child to have a voice. The vast majority of the children at the school cannot talk for one reason or another. An I pad will give them that voice. FOBS have recently funded another 6 I pads for the school but many more are needed, as these are having to be shared between all the classes at school.

FOBS organizes charity events from pamper evenings, quiz nights, sponsored events, fetes etc to try to raise as much money as possible.

FOBS also fund various therapies, outings, events, which are very important for their development, learning and understanding of the world around them.

FOBS recently funded a parent/meeting room which was £120,000, a wheelchair roundabout £40,000, a wheelchair swing £18,000, these have allowed the wheelchair users to play with the peers and not just be sat on the side watching their friends play. It has also given the parents of these special children a place to meet and support each other.

So if you can please help us fund raise in anyway at all i.e., taking a charity tin and putting it at work, taking a box of wristbands to work to sell, doing a sponsored event, cake sale, going and shopping in Sainsbury’s Redhill and putting your change in our collecting tin or anything then please let us know.

Thanks FOBS team.