Fort St John Home Business Co-op - COME SHOP

Vendors - all images and posts must be in your business album.please go to FILES tab and then MEMBERS GUIDELINES No posting to the wall please.

Customers - feel free to look through the albums or ask a question on the wall.

The purpose of the group is two fold - giving home business in our area a place to promote their business and share info with existing customers. A place to share photos of your items (each business can have their own album)
Secondly a place for current customers and prospective customers to see all that is offered in our area that so many have no idea even exist all in one place.

This will include home party business as well as many are often asking who sells this? who is the rep for this?

This is a co-op so in other words - businesses working together to help themselves and others so active participation is expected for everyone's benefit.
As a business or a customer of the group - Sharing with others is the key - if you know someone that should be part of the group get them here asap

If you have suggestions - suggest away as that is how these groups work best.